25th International Diatom Symposium

25–30 June 2018 | Berlin | Seminaris & Botanical Garden

Dear friends and colleagues,


On behalf of the ISDR we invite you to attend the 25th International Diatom Symposium to be held in Berlin 25–30 June 2018.


We expect a lively exchange of research findings and ideas with international colleagues from all areas of diatom research. For the first time, the young diatomists will also have their own day of sessions and workshops. Be part of it! We are looking forward to your active participation in the symposium in form of talks, posters and workshops.





Regine Jahn, Nélida Abarca, Wolf-Henning Kusber, Demetrio Mora & Jonas Zimmermann

Please note the following additional information concerning data protection:

At our events you will be asked to wear a name badge. Furthermore, at events organised by us photos might be taken or films shot, members of the press might attend, lectures might be transferred via Skype, there might also be video conferences or live streamings with or without recording. Upon request we will gladly provide you with more details, or ask us on-site during the event.