25th International Diatom Symposium

25–30 June 2018 | Berlin | Seminaris & Botanical Garden

Session topics


  • Keynote talks

    1.  Nils Kröger

    CMCB, Center for Molecuar and Cellular Bioengineering, TU Dresden, Germany

    From analysis of silica biogenesis in diatoms to the synthesis of functional materials.


    2.  Peter G. Kroth

    Ecophysiology, Universität Konstanz, Germany

    Bacteria - diatom interactions in freshwater biofilms.



    Mount Allison University, Canada

    Evolutionary diversification in diatoms: an auxospore perspective.


    4.  Karine Leblanc

    CNRS, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, & MIO, Mediterranean Institute of Oceanography

    Small is beautiful but overlooked: role for nanoplanktonic diatoms in spring blooms and carbon export.


    5.  Sarah Spaulding

    US Geological Survey & INSTAAR, University of Colorado, USA

    All polluted waters are alike; but clean waters are clean in their own way.



    Chair, Editorial Committee, International Code of Nomenclature for algae, fungi, and plants, BGBM Freie Universität Berlin, Germany

    The Shenzhen Code: what’s in it for diatoms?

  • Taxonomy & Phylogeny (talks)

    Nakov, Teofil; BeaulieuJeremy M. & Alverson, Andrew J.

    Diatom diversification through the lense of large sequence, fossil, trait, and diversity databases: Examining the roles of life history strategies and environmental gradients


    Sato, Shinya; Yoshikawa, Shinya; Yamada, Kazumasa; Nagumo, Tamotsu; Idei, Masahiko; Kuwata, Akira; Ichinomiya, Mutsuo

    Morphology, phylogeny and whole genome sequence of a hitherto undescribed scaly Parmales – reminiscent of pre-diatom?


    Mann, David G.

    Diatoms: the Third Dimension


    Edlund, Mark; Burge, David; Massa, Eric; Wu, Shelly & Lee, Sylvia

    Sex and size in diatoms


    Medlin, Linda & Desdevises, Yves

    Re-analysis of the Theriot et al. 2016 7 Gene Data Set using multiple outgroups


    Kulichová, Jana; Levkov, Zlatko; Kopalová, Kateřina & Neustupa, Jiří

    What can cryptic asymmetry say about diatoms?


    Jordan, Richard W.; Abe, Kenta & Uezato, Yuki

    How Proboscia valve features evolved through time


    Van de Vijver, Bart; Kochman-Kędziora, Natalia; Houk, Vaclav & Kusber, Wolf-Henning

    What do we know about the genus Orthoseira?


    Gaonkar, Chetan C.; Montresor, Marina; Sarno, Diana; Mann, David G. & Kooistra, Wiebe H.C.F.

    Diversity of introns in the marine planktonic diatom family Chaetocerotaceae


    Ashworth, Matt; Theriot, Edward & Sims, Patricia

    Using fossil and DNA data to investigate the biddulphioid diatom genera Biddulphia, Stoermeria, Tabulina and Biddulphiella gen. nov.


    Theriot, Edward C.; Spanbauer, Trisha & Lee, Chanhee

    Stephanodiscus – evidence for recent speciation and dispersal


    Rott, Eugen; Le Cohu; René, Kofler; Werner & Kling, Hedy

    Reassessment of centric diatoms from Austrian lakes with special reference to the updating of Cyclotella sensu lato and the Urosolenia gracilis/longiseta complex


    Nakamura,  Noriaki & Sato, Shinya

    Organellar genome Inheritance in araphid diatom Pseudostaurosira trainorii


    Pennesi, Chiara; Majewska, Roksana; Sterrenburg, Frithjof A.S.; Totti, Cecilia; Romagnoli,Tiziana & de Stefano, Mario

    Revision and cladistic analysis of the genus Anorthoneis


    Kulikovskiy, Maxim; Maltsev, Yevhen; Andreeva, Svetlana & Irina Kuznetsova

    Molecular phylogeny, morphology and biogeography of genera from the family Mastogloiaceae Mereschkowsky


    Cox, Eileen J.

    Proschkinia Karayeva: a marine diatom genus with some unusual wall features


    Mayama, Shigeki; Hirabayasi, Yui; Sato, Fuminao; Moriuchi, Yuko; Yuasa, Tomoko; Nakamura, Noriaki

    What are you? Non-Navicula-like species included in Navicula clade.


    Kollár, Jan; Pinseel, Eveline; Vanormelingen, Pieter; Poulíčková, Aloisie; Souffreau, Caroline; Dvořák, Petr; Vyverman, Wim

    A polyphasic approach to the delimitation of diatom species: a case study for the genus Pinnularia


    Herrera-Herrera, Nadia V. & Hernández-Becerril, David U.

    Morphological and molecular characterization of Pleurosigma sp. (Bacillariophyceae), isolated from Puerto Ángel, Oaxaca, tropical Mexican Pacific


    Kloster, Michael; Glemser, Barbara; Salazar, Katherine & Beszteri, Bánk

    Cryptic species in Fragilariopsis kerguelensis unveiled by morphometry and genetics


    Mucko, Maja; Bosak, Sunčica; Nakov, Teofil; Ruck, Elizabeth; Gligora Udovič, Marija & Ljubešić, Zrinka

    ˝Planktonic lifestyle lovers˝: a story of eight new marine Entomoneis species

  • Freshwater Biogeography (talks)

    Brady, Mariska C. & Theriot, Edward C.

    Comparative single-cell diatom population genomics across the world's largest lakes and across the world.


    Cocquyt, Christine

    Diatom biodiversity and endemism in tropical Africa


    Kock, Anrich; Taylor, Jonathan & Malherbe, Wynand

    Diatom diversity and water quality in the Makuleke Wetlands, Kruger National Park, South Africa


    Otto, Mia; Van As, Jo; Van As, Liesl & Taylor, Jonathan

    Diatom community composition across ecological gradients in the Eastern Cape, South Africa


    Verma, Jyotti & Nautiyal, Prakash

    Role of historical factors in diatom biogeography of the geologically ancient Vindhya and recent Himalaya (Indian subcontinent)


    Kheiri, Somayyeh; Solak, Cüneyt Nadir; Sabouri, Jafar; Spaulding, Sarah; Edlund, Mark & Kocioleck, John Patrick

    Reports of new diatom species from the hottest point of the world (Lut Desert), Iran


    Kryvosheia, Olha

    Diatoms (Bacillariophyta) of the high-mountain lakes of the Ukrainian Carpathians


    Wolin, Julie & Bixby, Rebecca

    Diatom Assemblages of the Jemez River, New Mexico, USA


    Keck, François & Kahlert, Maria

    Patterns and drivers of phylogenetic diversity in freshwater diatom communities


    Chattová, Barbora; Lebouvier, Marc; Syrovátka, Vít & Van de Vijver, Bart

    Moss-inhabiting diatom communities from Ile Amsterdam (TAAF, southern Indian Ocean)


    Bishop, Jordan; Katerina Kopalová; Bart Van de Vijver; Donna Roberts; Andrew McMinn & John Gibson

    The state of the diatom flora of the Vestfold Hills within East Antarctica


    Pinseel, Eveline; Vanormelingen, Pieter; Janssens, Steven B.; Harper, Margaret; Dickinson, Warren; Wolfe, Alexander P.; Lewis, Adam R.; Ashworth, Allan C., TERDIA & ANTDIAT consortia; Sabbe, Koen; Verleyen, Elie; Van de Vijver, Bart & Vyverman, Wim

    The evolutionary and biogeographical history of diatoms in Antarctica: a tale of fossils, eDNA and molecular phylogenies

  • Bioindication (talks)

    Ribeiro, Lourenço; Le Bris, Anthony; Hernandez-Fariñas, Tania; Buchet, Rémi; LeRouxel, Astrid; Dutertre, Mickaël; Metzger, Edouard & Barillé, Laurent

    Ecological status assessment in estuaries using diatom-based metrics: Could microphytobenthos become a new biological quality element?


    Marella, Thomas K.; Datta, Aviraj; Tiwari, Archana & Wani, Suhas P.

    Diatoms: from eutrophic indicators to mitigators


    Olszyński, Rafał M. & Żelazna-Wieczorek, Joanna

    Post-mining open pit reservoirs – ‘blind’ spots of environmental degradation or the diatom hotspots for taxonomical and ecological studies?


    Hausmann, Sonja; Charles, Donald F.; Gerritsen, Jeroen & Belton Thomas J.

    A diatom-based biological condition gradient (BCG) approach for assessing impairment and developing nutrient criteria for streams.


    Knysak, Piotr & Żelazna-Wieczorek, Joanna

    Anthropogenic impact on springs with various level of isolation from direct & indirect human influence based on diatom analysis


    Szczepocka Ewelina; Kruk, Andrzej & Nowicka-Krawczyk, Paulina

    Bioindication values of diatoms as a tool for assessing the human pressure in urban streams


    Ossyssek, Stefan & Raeder, Uta

    A training set for diatom – phosphorous quantitative reconstructions for montane to alpine lakes of the northern Alps


    Guéguen, Julie; Chardon, Cécile; Crepin, Laura; Demir, Rabia; Domaizon, Isabelle; Hustache, Jean-Christophe; Jacas, Louis; Lacroix, Sonia; Perney, Pascal; Perret-Gentil, Laure; Rimet, Frédéric; Pawlowski, Jan & Bouchez, Agnès

    SYNAQUA: a French-Swiss program for biomonitoring and preservation of Geneva lake ecosystems


    Jüttner, Ingrid; Kelly, Martyn; Evans, Simon & Marsh-Smith, Stephen

    Acidification of streams and recovery after liming in Wales, United Kingdom


    Bixby, Rebecca J.; Burdett, Ayesha S.; Gregory, Angela E.; AuBuchon, Jonathan & Schroeder, Nathan

    The role of scale and hydraulics/hydrology in shaping diatom communities in an aridland river


    Main, Stephen P.

    Plankton diatom response to environmental change in a mid-sized hardwater stream (Midwestern USA)


    Salinas-Camarillo, Victor Hugo; Carmona-Jiménez, Javier & Lobo, Eduardo A.

    Diatoms as indicators of ecological quality in Mexico's Basin rivers


    Grana, Lorena

    Diatoms as bioindicators of prehistoric dams: Water-Management in arid zones in Argentina.


    Perez, Laura; Sunesen, Inés; Sar, Eugenia; Hanebuth, Till & García-Rodríguez, Felipe

    Inferring salinity changes of the Rio de la Plata during the last 1000 years, through the study of modern and fossil diatoms


    Burge, D.R.L.1, Lee, S.; Bishop, I.; Tyree, M.; Edlund, M.B.; Spaulding, S.A.; Mitchell, R. & Yuan, L.

    Diatom taxonomic consistency in the 21st century: Lessons, directions, and updated methodologies

  • Marine & Brackish Biodiversity (talks)

    Pfannkuchen, Martin; Baricevic, Ana; Smodlaka Tankovic Mirta; Kuzat Natasa, Ivancic, Ingrid, Pustijanac, Emina; Gasparovic, Blazenka; Novak, Tihana; Kuspilić, Grozdan & Maric  Pfannkuchen Daniela

    How diatoms win: Livestrategies of Diatoms in the northern Adriatic


    Maric Pfannkuchen, Daniela; Baricevic, Ana; Smodlaka Tankovic, Mirta; Kuzat, Natasa; Pustijanac, Emina; Zimmermann, Jonas; Jahn, Regine & Pfannkuchen, Martin

    The species composition and ecology of the genus Leptocylindrus Cleve in the Northern Adriatic Sea


    Kuzat, Natasa; Smodlaka Tankovic, Mirta; Baricevic, Ana; Ivancic, Ingrid; Pustijanac, Emina; Kuspilic, Grozdan; Novak, Tihana; Gasparovic, Blazenka; Medic, Nikola; Maric Pfannkuchen, Daniela & Pfannkuchen, Martin

    Morpho physiological reactions to phosphate limitation and resulting implications for diatom life strategies



    Biodiversity and preliminary results on molecular phylogeny of diatom assemblages of the tropical Indian Ocean Island – Nosy Be, NW Madagascar


    Armand, Leanne K.

    Life cycle observations of Eucampia anatrctica, Odontella weisflogii and the discovery of living diatoms on tintinnid loricae from the Southern Ocean


    Dąbek, Przemysław; Bornman, Thomas, George; Li, Chunlian; Górecka, Ewa; Krzywda, Marta; Cotiyane, Pumlile; Zgłobicka, Izabela; Gastineau, Romain; Surma, Michał & Witkowski, Andrzej

    Biodiversity and taxonomy of the South African marine coasts diatom floras – what we know 30 years after M.H. Giffen?


    Lei, Yuanda; Du, Xiaoqin; Wang, Yasu; Wen, Xu; Yan, Hongyu; Tang, Hongqu & Jiang, Shijun

    The ecological response of diatom assemblage in sediment traps to the mariculture activity (Gracilaria lemaneiformis cultivation) in Shen’ao Bay, Nan’ao Island, China


    Park, Jinsoon

    A review on the studies of Korean marine benthic diatoms


    Romero, Oscar E. & Fischer, Gerhard

    Shift in the species composition of the diatom community in the eutrophic Mauritanian coastal upwelling: Results from a multi-year sediment trap experiment (2003–2010)


    Nevrova, Elena

    Benthic diatom taxocenes off the Crimean coast (the Black Sea): analysis of diversity and taxonomic structure


    Pędziński, Jarosław & Witak, Małgorzata

    Are the Vistula River waters reaching the Hel Peninsula slope? Diatom data from the Gulf of Gdańsk (southern Baltic Sea, Poland)

  • Paleoclimatology (talks)

    Reavie, Euan D.; Edlund, Mark B.; Kovalenko, Katya E. & Ramstack Hobbs, Joy M.

    Regional diatom paleolimnology reveals widespread stressors


    Hong, Isabel; Horton, Benjamin, P.; Hawkes, Andrea, D.; O’Donnell III, Robert J.; Engelhart, Simon E. & Padgett, J. Scott

    Assessing environmental controls on diatom variability in paleomarsh reconstructions


    Menking, Kirsten & Bixby, Rebecca

    Response of diatoms to abrupt changes in late Pleistocene hydrology in the Estancia Basin, USA


    Caballero, Margarita; Lozano, Ma Socorr; Ortega, Beatriz & Correa, Alexander

    Diatom-based transfer functions for Central Mexico and their use in the interpretation of Lake Chaco’s 35 ka record.


    Cuña Rodríguez, Carolina; Sylvestre, Florence; García-Rodríguez, Felipe & Piovano, Eduardo

    Environmental changes of a highly variable saline lake (Laguna Mar Chiquita, Argentina) since Last Glacial Maximum


    Chandra, Anil; Fenner, Juliane; Saxena, Ramesh K. & Rüthnik, Martina

    Diatoms from the Neogene sediments of Neill Island, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India


    Ghosh, Amit K.; Chakraborty, Arindam; Saxena, Stuti & Dey, Rikee

    Variations of Indian Summer Monsoon during the Miocene: Evidences from diatom assemblages of northern Indian Ocean


    Harding, Poppy; Mackay, Anson; Leng, Melanie; Kostrova, Svetlana; Bezrukova, Elena & Shchetnikov, Alexander

    Diatom responses to abrupt Late Quaternary climate change in southern Siberia


    Gladenkov, Andrey Yu.

    Fossil diatom flora from the marine Cenozoic stratigraphic key section of West Kamchatka at the Kvachina Bay, Russian Far East


    Agafonova, Elizaveta & Polyakova, Yelena

    New data on the postglacial development of the Kandalaksha Bay coast (White Sea) inferred from diatom assemblages


    Pellegrino, Luca; Dela Pierre, Francesco; Natalicchio, Marcello & Carnevale, Giorgio

    Linking the Messinian diatomaceous deposition in the Meditrerranian and the latest Miocene biogenic bloom event


    Tichá, Anna; Moravcová, Alice; Buczkó, Krisztina; Hrubá, Jolana; Carter, Vachel; Vondrák, Daniel & Kuneš, Petr

    Diatom assemblage responses to environmental change during the Holocene from a mountain lake (Prášilské jezero, Czech Republic)


    Tofilovska, Slavica; Reed, M. Jane; Cvetkoska, Aleksandra; Francke, Alexander; Wagner, Bernd & Levkov, Zlatko

    Diatom community response to climate change during the interglacial/glacial cycle MIS 11-10 in ancient Lake Ohrid


    Küfner, Wolfgang & Raeder, Uta

    Mountain lake diversity reflects multiplicity of climate change effects – paleolimnological studies in various Alpine lakes


    Grudzinska, Ieva; Rey, Fabian & Heiri, Oliver

    Climate- and human-induced changes in lake ecosystems in the mid-Holocene inferred by diatom analysis swiss

  • Environmental DNA & High Throuput Sequencing (eDNA & HTS) (talks)

    Tapolczai, Kálmán; Vasselon, Valentin; Bouchez, Agnès; Stenger-Kovács, Csilla; Padisák, Judit & Rimet, Frédéric

    The significance of OTU sequence similarity threshold as a proxy for taxonomic resolution in diatom based bioassessment: a case study on the rivers of Mayotte (France, Indian Ocean)


    Vasselon, Valentin; Rivera, Sinziana F.; Domaizon, Isabelle; Rimet, Frédéric & Bouchez, Agnès

    Freshwater quality assessment using diatom DNA metabarcoding: progress and propsects in the frame of French rivers monitoring networks


    Chonova, Teofana; Kurmayer, Rainer; Vasselon, Valentin; Keck, Francois; Rimet, Frederic; Labanowski, Jerome; Illmar, Paul & Bouchez, Agnes

    Diatoms metabarcoding to evaluate community changes in river biofilms linked to pharmaceutical loads from a wastewater treatment plant


    Bailet, Bonnie; Bouchez, Agnès; Chaumeil, Philippe; Franc, Alain; Frigerio, Jean-Marc; Karjalainen, Satu-Maaria; Ólafsson, Jón; Rimet, Frederic; Salin, Franck; Schneider, Susanne; Kahlert, Maria

    Pipelines for diatoms metabarcoding in water quality assessment


    Kahlert, Maria; Bouchez, Agnès; Kelly, Martyn; Mann, David G. & Rimet, Frederic

    Unravelling the relation of the morphological species concept to the molecular one in the genus Fragilaria


  • Collections & further topics (talks)

    Williams, David M.

    Diatom names, diatom taxa and diatom herbaria as sources of discovery


    Majewska, Roksana; Tessier, Stéphanie; Scheinberg, Lauren; Robinson, Nathan; Lazo-Wasem, Eric; Rojas, Lourdes; Pinou, Theodora; Zyskowski, Krzysztof; Van de Vijver, Bart; Hamilton, Paul & Poulin, Michel

    A forgotten treasure: how zoological museum collections can contribute to epizoic diatom research


    Beszteri, Bánk; Kloster, Michael & Nattkemper, Tim

    Combining slide scanning microscopy, web-based virtual slide annotation and machine learning for diatom collection mobilization


    Blommaert, Lander & Bailleul, Benjamin

    Regulation of the xanthophyll cycle in diatoms


    Oschatz, Cathleen; Oschatz, Martin; Kaskel, Stefan; Brunner, Eike & Fratzl, Peter

    Diatom Biosilica – A promising alternative to synthetic silica materials in different applications

  • Poster (in alphabetical order)

    Al-Handal, Adil Y.; Frankovich, Tomas; Pennesi, Chiara & Wulff, Angela

    Revision of the genus Sieminskia with description of valve ultrastructure


    Ashworth, Matt; Frankovich, Thomas; Sullivan, Michael; Majewska, Roksana; Arendt, Mike; Schwenter, Jeffrey; Theriot, Edward & Stacy, Nicole

    Molecular phylogeny of “marine gomphonemoid” diatoms, with particular reference to the epizoic genus Poulinea Majewska, De Stefano & Van de Vijver


    * Avendaño-Villeda, D. A.; Caballero, M.; Ortega-Guerrero, B.; Lozano-García, M. S. & Brown E.

    Paleoclimate reconstruction for the transition MIS 6 to MIS 5 from Lake Chalco, Central Mexico


    Bácsi, István; Borics, Gábor; Török, Péter; Kókai, Zsuzsanna; Lukács, Áron; Stenger-Kovács, Csilla & B-Béres, Viktória

    Protected shallow lakes in Hungary – is nature protection indicated by diatom assemblages?


    Bąk, Małgorzata; Halabowski, Dariusz; Kryk, Adrian; Lewin, Iga & Sowa, Agnieszka

    Diatom assemblages in rivers differing in extent of their anthropogenic transformation (Upper Silesia and adjacent areas, southern Poland)


    Baricevic, Ana; Chardon Cécile; Maric - Pfannkuchen, Daniela; Kuzat, Natasa; Vasselon, Valentin; Smodlaka - Tankovic Mirta; Rimet, Frédéric; Bouchez, Agnès & Pfannkuchen, Martin

    Two-way insight into diatom diversity of the Northern Adriatic. High throughput sequencing in marine phytoplankton research


    Beauger, Aude; Wetzel, Carlos E.; Voldoire, Olivier; Allain, Elisabeth & Ector, Luc

    A new diatom genus from a thermo-mineral spring of the French Massif Central (France)


    Ben Khelifa, Leila

    Modern diatoms in Tunisia as indicators of water chemistry and their use for hydrologic and climatic reconstruction


    Bilous, Olena; Abarca, Nélida; Jahn, Regine & Zimmermann, Jonas

    Refined diatom biodiversity assessment of Southern Bug River (Ukraine) via eDNA-Metabarcoding


    Biskaborn, Boris K.; Bacher, Saskia; Funck, Kim L.; Herzschuh, Ulrike & Diekmann, Bernhard

    A data analytics system for Late Quaternary diatom records in the Russian Arctic


    Bolgovics, Ágnes; B-Béres, Viktória; Várbíró, Gábor; Ács, Éva; Kiss, Keve Tihamér & Borics, Gábor

    SLOSS debate: a new perspective on an old paradigm


    Bosak, Sunčica; Majewska, Roksana; Frankovich, Thomas A.; Ashworth, Matt P. & Van de Vijver, Bart

    New Proschkinia species associated with sea turtles


    Buczkó, Krisztina; Magyari, Enikő; Béres, Viktória; Ács, Éva & Stenger-Kovács, Csilla

    Use of traits: Reconciling diverse diatom-based lake responses to climate change in the Carpathian lakes – (CRYPTIC: CRYPtogams’ Traits In the Carpathians)


    Burfeid Castellanos, Andrea M.; Benito, Xavier; Vossel, Hannah

    YOUNG ISDR, a new international platform for early career diatomists


    * Burfeid-Castellanos, Andrea M.; Cambra-Sánchez, Jaume, Kloster, Michael & Beszteri, Bánk

    Size matters: the importance of transapical valve width in diatom biomonitoring


    Čalić, Marijeta; Dupčić Radić, Iris & Car, Ana

    Effect of thermohaline circulation on diatom distribution in the open South Adriatic Sea


    Car, Ana; Hafner, Dubravka; Jasprica, Nenad; Dupčić Radić, Iris, Ljubimir, Stijepo & Batistić, Mirna

    The influence of environmental factors on diatom colonization on glass slides in the marine lake Mrtvo More (Island of Lokrum, Adriatic Sea coast)


    Card, Virginia M.

    Ecological factors and micromechanics of valve structure in loculate centrics


    * Chabaca, Hasna,Tadjine, Aicha & Marniche, Faiza

    Diatom inventory and description of El Mellah lagoon


    Chakraborty, Arindam &  Ghosh, Amit K.

    Diatoms - the indicator of past sea-level changes: A case study from the Neogene sediments of Andaman and Nicobar Basin, India


    Chudaev, Dmitry

    Volutin distribution pattern as a valuable taxonomic character in the genus Navicula


    Cvetkoska, Aleksandra; Jovanovska, Elena; Hauffe, Torsten; Tofilovska, Slavica; Donders, H. Timme; Francke, Alexander; Vogel, Hendrik; Wagner, Bernd; Wilke, Thomas & Levkov, Zlatko

    Changing contribution of global climate and local environmental influence on diatom community structure over time in ancient Lake Ohrid


    Davidovich, Nickolai; Podunay, Yulia; Davidovich, Olga & Kulikovskiy, Maxim

    Reproductive compatibility of Eurasian populations of Ulnaria ulna (Bacillariophyta)


    Davidovich, Olga; Davidovich, Nickolai & Witkowski, Andrzej

    Sexual reproduction of diatom species Climaconeis scalaris (Brébisson) E.J. Cox from the Black Sea


    Demidova, Svetlana

    The Byelovezhian Interglacial diatom flora of Belarus: new data.


    Demidova, Svetlana & Khursevich, Galina

    Overview of study background of the fossil diatom flora of Belarus


    Fenner, Juliane & Lepetit, Petra

    Latest  Miocene  diatoms  from  lacustrine  sediments  in  Cappadocia,  Turkey


    Fernandéz-Moreno, David; Luís, Ana Teresa & Sánchez-Castillo, Pedro M.

    Pinnularia baetica sp. nov. (Bacillarophyceae): a new diatom species found in an alkaline mountain lagoon in the south of Europe (Granada, Spain)


    * Ferreira, Paula Carolina & Ludwig, Thelma Alvim Veiga

    Eunotiaceae (Diatomeae) biodiversity from Serra of Itabaiana, Sergipe, northeastern Brazil


    * Foets, Jasper; Pfister, Laurent;Teuling, Ryan & Wetzel, Carlos E.

    Environmental factors influencing the composition of soil diatom communities: preliminary results


    Fránková, Markéta; Šumberová, Kateřina; Vild, Ondřej & Potužák, Jan

    Epiphytic diatom communities in a eutrophic reservoir in the second year of the management cycle


    * Funck, Kim L.; Biskaborn, Boris K.; Diekmann;. Bernhard; Meyer, Hanno; Pestryakova, Liudmila A.; Warmke, Vanessa & Herzschuh, Ulrike

    Late Quaternary palaeoenvironmental reconstruction by downcore diatom variability in Lake Bolshoe Toko sediments, Yakutia (Russia)


    * García, M. Luján; Morales, Eduardo A.; Guerrero, José M. & Maidana, Nora I.

    Re-examination of type material of Melosira perpusilla Freng. (Bacillariophyta) and description of two new Aulacoseira species from Santa Cruz Province (Argentina)


    Gargas, Cory B.; Theriot, Edward C.; Ashworth, Matt; Johansen, Jeffrey R.

    Phylogenetic analysis reveals that the ‘radial centric’ genus Orthoseira Thwaites is a member of a ‘multipolar’ diatom lineage


    * Górecka, Ewa; Davidovich, Nickolai; Davidovich, Olga; Ashworth, Matt; Sabir, Jamal; Hajrah, Nahid Hassan & Witkowski, Andrzej

    Influence of the cell size and life cycle on the lipid content of the selected set of diatom strains


    * Hoshina, Kazuki; Jordan, Richard W. ; Abe, Miho & Tada, Ryuji

    Paleoenvironmental reconstruction of the Japan Sea during the Mid-Brunhes Event using microfossils


    * Jacques, Olivier; Pienitz, Reinhard & Ibrahim, Ghassen

    Diatom-based evidence of limnological changes in two subarctic lakes (Quebec, Canada) following the onset of the industrial era


    Jüttner, Ingrid; Williams, David M.; Gurung, Smriti;  Van de Vijver, Bart; Levkov, Zlatko; Sharma, Chhatra M.; Sharma, Subodh & Cox, Eileen J.

    The genus Odontidium in the Himalayas, morphology of four new species and their distribution in alpine freshwater habitats


    Kapustin, Dmitry & Kulikovskiy, Maxim

    Morphology and distribution of the new diatom genera from Indonesia


    Kelly, Martyn G.; Mann, David G.; Walsh, Kerry; Glover, Rachel; Juggins, Steve; Sato, Shinya; Boonham, Neil & Jones, Tim

    Development and adoption of a high-throughput-sequencing approach to diatom-based ecological assessments in the UK


    Kloster, Michael; Nattkemper, Tim W. & Beszteri, Bánk

    MobiDiC - MOBIlization of a DIatom Collection


    Kopalová, Kateřina; Bulínová, Marie; Píšková, Anna; Roman, Matěj; Čejka, Tomáš; Lirio, Juan. M. & Nývlt, Daniel

    The Holocene evolution of freshwater diatoms within two lakes from Vega Island, Antarctica


    * Krahn, Kim J.; Wojewódka, Marta; Hamerlik, Ladislav; Macario-Gonzalez, Laura; Cohuo Duran, Sergio; Hoelzmann, Philipp; Rose, Neil L.; Yang, Handong; Zawisza, Edyta; Pérez, Liseth & Schwalb, Antje

    Aquatic ecosystem response to late Holocene environmental variability recorded in Lake Apastepeque (Central El Salvador)


    * Krzywda, Marta; Aydin, Kaleli; Solak, Cüneyt; Suncica, Bosak; Ana, Car; Nenad, Jasprica & Witkowski, Andrzej

    The influence of sea turtles on the biogeography of marine diatoms based on a case study from the Mediterranean coasts


    * Küttim, Liisa; Küttim, Martin; Puusepp, Liisa; Umbleja, Kadri; & Sugita, Shinya

    Patterns of diatom flora in Northern European bogs: a case study in Estonia


    Kulichová, Jana; Urbánková, Pavla; Funke, Elisabeth & Monaghan, Michael T.

    Meta-barcoding insights into the spatial patterns in community structure of freshwater diatoms in oligotrophic habitats


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