25th International Diatom Symposium

25–30 June 2018 | Berlin | Seminaris & Botanical Garden

Important: a potential ECR candidate does not have to participate in the symposium to be elected. If you would like to become an ECR representative for ISDR Council but you are not be able to attend the 2017 IDS in Berlin, we will be very happy to receive your applications and present them during the IDS on your behalf. Emails with a short personal introduction (also with relation to diatoms) and your intentions/ideas should be sent until the 31st May 2017 youngdiatomists@gmail.com.

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Dear young diatom scientists,

In this first announcement, we would like to provide you some information about the planned YOUNG ISDR activities during the upcoming 25th International Diatom Symposium held in Berlin, Germany from 25th–30th June 2018.

Quick reminder of important deadlines:

Abstract submission ends at the 1st April 2018 and

Early Bird registration on the 1st March 2018 – do not miss these dates!

Funding: The ISDR provides funding to allow 10 young and early career

researchers dealing with diatom studies to attend the 25th IDS 2018 in Berlin.

To apply for an award deadline is the 1st of February 2018.

More information

Aim of meeting up in Berlin: We think it is important that the young generation of diatom scientists is meeting up to get to know each other better. Think about, that the people you might meet here are your collaborative research colleagues for the next couple of years. Research ideas and experiences can be exchanged during an informal get-together.

What is planned: During the meeting in Québec in 2016, we got some feedback, what you would like to have included in the next meeting and we hope we considered your suggestions well!

Young ISDR activities planned:


  • We will meet up on Tuesday evening after lectures and poster sessions. You will get a small insight (15 min) what the Young ISDR is doing, who we are, etc. A few drinks and nibblings are provided. Afterwards we will take you out to an informal get-together to a nice bar/restaurant to discover Berlin’s night life.


  • Young scientists (Bachelor-, Master- or PhD students) are encouraged to present their research related to any diatom topic/field in a speed-talk (max. 2–3 minutes). No abstract submission is needed to take part! Be creative! The best speed-talk will be awarded a prize. To make it a fair competition, we excluded experienced postdocs/graduated PhD’s from this competition – sorry!
  • After the speed talks a new early career researcher (ECR) will be elected for the ISDR council. An early career researcher (ECR) representative should be someone who is a member of ISDR and also has no more than 4 years since completing his/her PhD (means student or Postdoc). An ECR would be elected for a period of 2 years and should be working with diatoms in any related topic. Elections of the ECR will take place every two years during the IDS meetings.


  • On Saturday the 30th June we have planned to do some post-conference workshops. In parallel there will be two workshops in the morning and two in the afternoon. As you had the choice about the topics participating in our poll here are the four winning topics:

• Ecology and Bioindication

• Palaeoecology +/- statistics

• How to publish and review a paper

• DNA and taxonomy

We will provide further information as soon as possible! Please make sure, that you need to register for these workshops in advance. There will be no workshop fees!!!

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Have a wonderful Christmas time and a happy new year 2018!

Hope to see a lot of you during the next IDS in Berlin!!!


Your Young ISDR team